2 new Early Stage Researchers join the CP7.0 Project

Two new Early Stage Researchers Jana Blahová and Irina Mihaela Ciortan are recruited at VoxVil AB, Sweden and Gjøvik University College, Norway for a 6 months period starting in March 2015. Jana will be working at VoxVil AB, Sweden mainly on the topic of  ‘Applying spectral colour transfer functions on a 12-channel printing system’ with a focus on improving the performance of existing methods. Irina will be working at Gjøvik University College, Norway on the topic of ‘Spectral reproduction of Paintings‘.

The CP7.0 Project consortium welcomes Jana and Irina.


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Licentiate thesis successfully defended

We are happy to announce that CP7 researcher Paula Zitinski Elias at Linköpings Universitet, Campus Norrköping, Sweden successfully defended her licentiate thesis on December 16, 2014 at Linköpings Universitet, Department of Science and Technology. Her licentiate thesis is entitled “Halftoning for multi-channel printing - algorithm development, implementation and verification “. For more details please click here.


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CP7 workshop at Color Imaging Conference (CIC) 2014

A workshop called ‘Next Generation Color Printing Workshop’ was organised at part of planned networking and dissemination activity by the project researchers and consortium in the CIC22 conference held at Boston, MA on November 3-7, 2014. For more details please click here.


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Steven successfully completed his employment as an Experienced Researcher (ER1) at TUD, Darmstadt, Germany.

Steven Le MoanCP7 researcher Steven Le Moan successfully completes his role as Experienced Research (ER1) in the CP7 project. For more information on the research and work done by Steven as an experienced researcher in the CP7 project please click here. Steven is now employed at The Norwegian Colour and Visual Computing Laboratory, Gjøvik University College, Gjøvik, Norway as a post doctoral researcher in the HyperCept project.

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CP7.0 Training event (TE6), Océ Print Logic Technologies, France

The sixth training event (TE6) was held at Océ Print Logic Technologies SA, France , on October 23 – 27, 2014. The event was attended by all the research fellows as part of the training program in the CP7.0 project. The event at Océ Print Logic Technologies SA was focused on lectures and discussions from key staff at Océ about, business models and their relation to research, case studies related to 2.5D printing and 3D printing technology, its pros and cons and intellectual property rights related to these technologies. For more details please click here.


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Coppel’s visit to UWE Bristol, UK and Fraunhofer institute, Darmstadt, Germany

Ludovic Gustafsson CoppelIn September, CP7 researcher Ludovic Gustafsson Coppel from Gjøvik University College visited the University of the West of England, Bristol, and Fraunhofer Institute for Computer Graphics Research IGD, Darmstadt, as part of his secondments. The aim of the visit was to model the light reflection from layered materials in two different applications: multi-layered coloured prints with inkjet printer to improve colour output of original artwork (in collaboration with ESR Melissa Olen in Bristol) and colour management in 3D colour printing.

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Three papers presented at IARIGAI conference 2013 in Swansea, UK

CP7 researchers Ludovic Gustafsson Coppel and Paula Žitinski Elías have recently returned from the Advances in Printing and Media Technology conference (IARIGAI) in Swansea, Wales. Paula presented a paper about multilevel halftoning. The second paper deals with spectral colour prediction of halftone prints using probabilistic models. The third paper shows the feasibility of spectral proofing (i.e. reproducing the appearance of spot colours in multiple illuminants) with a multi-channel printer and is a collaboration with CP7 researcher Radovan Slavuj and Steven Le Moan.

  • Dot gain analysis from probabilistic spectral modelling of colour halftone, by Coppel, L.G.
  • Next generation printing – Towards spectral proofing, by Coppel, L.G.; Le Moan, S.; Slavuj, R.; Elías, P.Ž. and Hardeberg, J.Y.
  • Multilevel halftoning applied to monochromatic inks in multi-channel printing, by Elías, P.Ž.; Gooran, S. and Nyström, D.



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A successful pre-defence for CP7 researcher Radovan Slavuj

Radovan SlavujCP7 researcher Radovan Slavuj had a successful pre-defence on September 18, 2014 at Gjøvik. There, all the work that has been done around printer modeling and halftoning was presented and future directions were suggested and discussed. The Pre-Defense had concept of a real defense with two opponents, supervisors and audience who were free to ask questions. Title “Spectral Colour Reproduction with Multichannel printers” represent work that has been done until now, but do not necessarily absorbs all material from final thesis. Overall, the timing to conduct Pre-Defence was right as there is one more year left for Radovan to make the thesis more unique and that significant contribution could be made in the field.


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Teun’s visit to University of the West of England

Teun BaarEarly September, CP7 researcher Teun Baar from Océ Print Logic Technologies visited the University of the West of England as part of his secondment. During the secondment, relief stamps were made for the application of relief printing. The stamps were created using 3D printers and wood engraving machines. The aim of the research was to compare the limitations and advantages of each of the processes and suitability to creating Chiaroscuro relief prints.


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Sepideh Samadzadegan’s visit to Océ Print Logic Technologies SA

Sepideh SamadzadeganCP7 researcher Sepideh Samadzadegan from TUD, Darmstadt visited Océ Print Logic Technologies SA in July, 2014 on 2 weeks secondment with the aim of collaborating with ESR 6 and scitentist-in-charge Maria V. Ortiz Segovia to Control colour-printed gloss by varnish-halftones. Sepideh’s research involves spectral gamut mapping which could be more complicated when another attribute such as “gloss” is considered along with the process inks. During the secondment Sepideh focused on printing colour-printed gloss to investigate the colour-gloss relation by conducting psychophysical experiments.

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