Spectral Reproduction of Paintings

Researcher: Irina Mihaela Ciortan (irinac@hig.no)

Position at: HIG, Norway

Supervisor: Prof. Jon Yngve Hardeberg

Research Objectives

The aim of this six-month project is to implement an end-to-end spectral workflow towards reproduction paintings using the multi-channel printer HPZ3200 belonging to the Colour Lab at Gjøvik University College. The project is meant to be very practical and hands-on, using appropriate dataset. One of the main questions that should be answered at the end of this research is

  • Does a spectral reproduction indeed manage to preserve the same appearance when illuminants change?
  • If compared to a colorimetric reproduction, is then the spectral match more stable for all illuminants? While the colorimetric match excels only under one illuminant, failing visibly for the others?

The subject of research will be mainly paintings, as for fine art reproduction, it is highly important to design a visual match for all various illuminants that are used for exhibition (light in the museum, light in a temporary visit to another museum, light in the living room of a customer who wanted a reproduction).

Research and training carried out till now

The first stage of my research focused on the understanding of the problem and dealing with the state-of-the-art and literature review.  Because this project is very practical, the next step comprised of a considerable amount of measurements meant for the calibration of the multi-spectral printer for the substrate that is used for this application. As regards the input data, processing operations were necessary as well. The input data was acquires with a hyperspectral imaging system, so various correction operations had to be applied. At the same time, smart solutions for data interpolation were searched in order to refine the hyperspectral data into a certain format.

Dissemination of the work and results till now

  • March 2015, conference, Computational Color Imaging Workshop in Saint-Étienn.
  • March 2015, visit at Océ Paris and C2RMF, Louvre Paris
  • April 2015, conference presentation, NOBIM conference
  • May 2015, paper,  Multispectral Color Symposium at AIC 2015
  • Accepted June 2015, to be published in September 2015, conference paper at Digital Heritage 2015

Expected future results at the end of the project

At the end of the project, the resulted spectral reproductions of paintings and (possibly) other targets will be evaluated with a psychophysical experiment. The spectral reproductions will be compared with the colorimetric reproductions, as well.



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