Outreach is an integrated part of any researchers activity. In general we have aimed to generate popularized versions of the research results available to the public through press releases, the project website, the partners websites, etc.

Several articles have been published in Oppland Arbeiderblad (a local newspaper in Oppland County in Norway), iGjøvik (local newspaper) and forskning.no (online newspaper talking about Norwegian and International research). ForskerForum, the website of the The Norwegian Associ- ation of Researchers, wrote an article about the CP7.0 project. AGI Grafisk, the leading graphic arts magazine in Norway, has at several occasions published articles about the project. Colourful future for UWE in EU print project was an artircle published on one of the partner websites. CP7.0 has also been one of the key articles in Oc ́e Newsletter, distributed to Océ’s customers in the Nordic countries. Prof. Jon Yngve Hardeberg was also interviewed by NRK radio about the project. CP7.0 project team from Norway participated in the ICC experts day held in Frankfurt on June 12, 2013 presenting the project to customers, vendors, producers and manufacturers in the Graphic arts and packaging industry. CP7 research fellows from Gjøvik also presented the project at the OCE Norge business day in Oslo in April 2013 which was attended by graphic arts and printing customers of OCE in Norway.

CP7 researcher G.M. Atiqur Rahaman was interviewed by Örnsköldsvik kommun to know more about his research activities in the CP7.0 project and contribution towards the research in public and private sector in o ̈rnsk ̈oldsvik, Sweden. Atiqur talked about CP7 project objectives, source of funding, and his role in achieving the project objectives. The aim of the interview was to collect and disseminate information about the current research activities in rnskldsvik, Sweden and people involved in those activities. The video of the interview can be watched on the rn- skldsvik kommun page on youtube (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fHo_e9Vs2eg&index=1& list=PLrLJB5vOke6jtBAjvOPDrhV1tDFTKe3Vp).

CP7 researcher Ludovic Gustafsson Coppel presented the CP7.0 project at the Norwegian Pa- per and Fibre Research Institute (PFI) in Trondheim. Future collaborations between the project partners and PFI, in the field of 3D structural characterisation of printed papers, new emerging paper substrates including nano-cellulose (MFC) and on how these will affect prints, were discussed. PFI is an independent research institute within wood fibre, pulp, paper, new biobased materials and biofuels.

After the special session (2) at MMRMA conference in Electronic Imaging 2014, San Francisco, USA, CP7 consortium took the opportunity to visit the Stanford Center for Image Systems Engineering (SCIEN) at Stanford University campus. SCIEN is located at the David Packard Electrical Engineering building at Stanford University campus. Apart from visiting SCIEN, the aim was to present the CP7 project and the consortium at SCIEN, Stanford. As part of outreach and dissem- ination during the visit, Prof. Jon Yngve Hardeberg presented the project consortium, MarieCurie ITN funding call and the research and training activities carried out in the first phase of the project. CP7 project fellow researchers also presented themselves to the audience explaining in brief about their research projects and contribution in the project. The audience was mainly graduate and undergraduate students studying at SCIEN and staff members.

CP7.0 researcher Steven Le Moan presented the project status and results at the ICCs Graphic Arts Special Interest Group meeting held in Heidelberg, Germany on June 24, 2014. His presentation was a follow-up dissemination activity from last years presentation at the Graphic Arts Color Experts Day organised by ICC at Frankfurt, Germany in June 2013. Steven gave a presentation about the activities carried out and results achieved in the project in 2013 and future research and training plans for 2014 and 2015 with the aim of getting a feedback from the experts in industry and academia. The meeting was attended by the graphic arts special interest group members. This meeting gave an opportunity for Steven to interact with the experts from the industry and discuss his research for guidance and expert feedback.

A workshop called Next Generation Color Printing Workshop was organised at part of planned networking and dissemination activity by the project researchers and consortium in the CIC22 conference held at Boston, MA on November 3-7, 2014. Color Imaging conference (CIC) is the premier annual technical gathering for scientists, technologists and engineers working in the areas of colour science and systems, and their application to colour imaging. Participants represent disci- plines ranging from psychophysics, optical physics, image processing, color science to graphic arts, systems engineering, and hardware and software development. While a broad mix of professional interests is the hallmark of these conferences, the focus is colour. The workshop was organised by CP7 researchers Ludovic Gustafsson Coppel and Radovan Slavuj with contribution from other researchers from the project. The main goal of this workshop was to provide a forum for brain- storming the future of printing and identifying new research problems and potential industrial applications.

Another workshop on Fluorescence was organised by Ludovic Gustafsson Coppel at the Colourlab in September 2015. In this workshop, discussions were done on recent advances in the modelling and the characterisation of fluorescence and how this can be implemented in current colour reproduction workflows  (http://colorlab.no/events/workshops/colourlab_workshop_3_2015).

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