Logo_Marie-CurieColour Printing 7.0: Next Generation Multi-Channel Printing (CP7.0) is a training and research project funded by Marie Curie Initial Training Networks (ITN) CP7.0 N-290154 funding. The project is led by The Norwegian Colour and Visual Computing Laboratory at Gjøvik University College and will be executed in collaboration with 5 full network partners and 6 associated partners from academia and industry throughout Europe. The project addresses a significant need for research, training and innovation in the printing industry. Through this project we plan to do research in the colour printing field by fully exploring the possibilities of using more than the conventional four colorants (CMYK) in printing and focussing particularly on the spectral properties. The goal will be to train a new generation of printing scientists who will be able to assume science and technology leadership in this established technological sector.

Four key scientific areas this project will focus on are:

  • Spectral modelling of the printer/paper/ink combination.
  • Spectral gamut prediction and gamut mapping.
  • The effect of paper optical and surface properties on the colour reproduction of multi-channel devices.
  • Optimal halftoning algorithms and tonal reproduction characteristics of multi-channel printing.


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