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CP7 workshop at Color Imaging Conference (CIC) 2014

A workshop called ‘Next Generation Color Printing Workshop’ was organised at part of planned networking and dissemination activity by the project researchers and consortium in the CIC22 conference held at Boston, MA on November 3-7, 2014. For more details please click here.


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CP7.0 demonstration table at the Electronic Imaging 2014 demonstration session

At ST&T/SPIE EI2014 conference, the fellow researchers participated in setting up a CP7.0 project demonstration table during the demonstration session on tuesday evening, February 4, 2014. This session, during the conference provided a unique networking opportunity, a time when attendees could see the latest research in action, compare commercial products and ask questions to technically knowledgeable demonstrators. For more details please click here.


Conference News Publications

A successful conference special session and presentations at EI2014

A special session was organised by the CP7.0 consortium in the MMRMA conference at Electronic Imaging 2014. Prof. Jon Yngve Hardeberg gave an invited talk on CP7.0 project goals, challenges and accomplishments. A total of 10 papers are published by the consortium (at the MMRMA conference) in EI2014. The details of the papers published and presented at EI2014 can be found here.


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CP7 researcher Melissa Olen presented her work at the Impact conference in Dundee, Scotland.

Melissa OlenMelissa Olen has recently returned from the IMPACT8 International Printmaking Conference in Dundee, Scotland. Apart of the panel discussion “Transversing Print Media”, Melissa discussed her research on “Artist influenced approaches for colour reproduction in inkjet printing”. For more details please click here.logo


CP7 researcher G.M. Atiqur Rahaman interviewed by Örnsköldsvik kommun in Örnsköldsvik, Sweden.

G M Atiqur Rahaman

CP7 researcher G.M.Atiqur Rahaman was interviewed by Örnsköldsvik kommun to know more about his research activities in the CP7.0 project and contribution towards the research in public and private sector in Örnsköldsvik, Sweden. For more details please click here.