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Research work presented and published at IARIGAI conference 2013, at Chemnitz, Germany

Radovan SlavujCP7 researcher Radovan Slavuj presented his work at the IARIGAI 2013 conference recently held in Chemnitz, Germany. His publication at IARIGAI 2013 talks about spectral printing models that can be used in printing and two halftone models which can implemented during spectral printing. The title of his research paper published is ‘Review and analysis of spectral characterisation models and halftoning for multi-channel printing’.IARIGAI2013

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CP7 researcher Melissa Olen presented her work at the Impact conference in Dundee, Scotland.

Melissa OlenMelissa Olen has recently returned from the IMPACT8 International Printmaking Conference in Dundee, Scotland. Apart of the panel discussion “Transversing Print Media”, Melissa discussed her research on “Artist influenced approaches for colour reproduction in inkjet printing”. For more details please click here.logo


CP7 project in the EU’s success stories booklet


We are happy to inform that CP7 project is one of the success stories (refer page 46) in the ‘EU FP7 People Specific Programme Success Stories Booklet’. This booklet talks about success stories from different countries and is formulated with the help of each country national contact point (NCP). In the booklet, the Individual Marie Curie Actions Stories are mentioned in the first part, while, the Host Driven Marie Curie Actions Stories are mentioned in the second part. To download the booklet in the pdf form please click here. More information about EU FP7’s People Network can be found on the following website