G M Atiqur Rahaman successfully defends his PhD thesis

14We are happy to announce that G M Atiqur Rahaman successfully defended his PhD thesis titled “Use of Reflectance measurements to study turbid media by imaging ” at The University of Eastern Finland on March 27, 2017.

Heartiest Congratulations! to Dr. G M Atiqur Rahaman.

The PhD committee was as follows:

Language of the dissertation and the public examination was English.

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CP7 researcher Melissa successfully defends her PhD thesis

The University of the West of England is delighted to announce that Melissa Olen successfully defended her PhD on 15th December 2016.
The title of Melissa’s thesis is The Development of Multi-Channel Printing Methodologies for Fine Art Applications. The examining and supervisory team would like to congratulate Melissa on the high quality of her research and wish her every success in the future.
Her examiners were:
Professor Judith Mottram, Dean of Materials, Royal College of Art, London
Professor Stephen Westland, Chair of Colour Science and Technology, University of Leeds
Sarah Bodman, MA Programme Leader for Print, University of the West of England, Bristol.