Optimization of print quality

Teun BaarPosition at: OCE, France

Fellow researcher: 

Teun Baar (teunbaar@gmail.com)

Supervisor: Dr. Maria V. Ortiz Segovia

Work Summary

Enrolled at Télécom ParisTech (Paris) in collaboration with Océ-CANON, Teun Baar worked on the optimisation of the print quality, using 2.5D and 3D printing technologies, where ink droplets are pilled up to control the physical surface texture. Teun showed how using this technology, the reflection characteristics beyond colour, such as the glossiness and angular dependent colour appearance can be altered as well. The research lead to new approaches to manage the print surface appearance for several viewing directions and illumination conditions, and to a better understanding of the perceptual appearance of such surfaces.


Publication and Dissemination

  • Baar, T., Ortiz Segovia, M. V. (2013), Colour and texture appearance modelling of 2.5d prints, in ‘AIC Colour 2013’, International Colour Association (AIC), NewCastle upon Tyne, UK, pp. 585 − 588.
  • Baar, T., Brettel, H. and Ortiz Segovia, M. V. (2013), A survey of 3d image quality met- rics for relief print evaluation, in ‘Colour and Visual Computing Symposium (CVCS), 2013’, IEEE, p. 6.
  • Baar, T., Shahpaski, M. and Ortiz Segovia, M. V. (2014), Image ghosting reduction in lenticular relief prints, SPIE Electronic Imaging, San Francisco, CA, USA.
  • Baar, T., Samadzadegan, S., Ortiz Segovia, M. V., Urban, P. and Brettel, H. (2014), Printing gloss effects in a 2.5D system, SPIE Electronic Imaging, San Francisco, CA, USA.
  • Baar, T., Ortiz Segovia, M. V., Brettel, H., (2014), Colour management of prints with variant gloss, IS&T Color and Imaging Conference, Boston, Massachusetts, USA.
  • Baar, T., Ortiz Segovia, M. V., Brettel, H., (2015), Towards gloss control in fine art reproduction, SPIE Electronic Imaging, San Francisco, CA, USA.
  • Baar, T., Olen, M., Parraman, C. and Ortiz Segovia, M. (2015), Woodblock printing as a means for 2.5D and 3D surface evaluation, AIC, Ochanomizu Solar City Conference Centre, Tokyo, Japan [7]. An exploration of alternative computer aided methods for multi-colour woodblock printing. In: Andrei, C., McInnes, A., Tsekova, A. and Ballan- tyne, L., eds. IMPACT 9 International Printmaking Conference. China: China Academy of Art Press, pp. 309-314. ISBN 9787550309579.

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