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For information about CP7.0 please contact the Colourlab at the department of Computer Science in NTNU (Colourlab contact)

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CP7.0 looks very interesting. I am researching in new mathematical models of light propagation in paper and its effects on spectral behaviour of printed paper.

Second I am researching on a new foundation of colorimetry by searching for new equidistant fundamentals. For this I would need apparatus which cost about 60 000 €. If anyone would have a clue how to get the money I would be very glad.

On both issues I am researching for years and looking for contact-persons, because at my university I am the only one interested in these issues. And it’s very hard to have no one to discuss my ideas.

With Dr. Urban I already was in contact.

Good luck for Your research,
Christian Greim

Hello Christian,
I am an ESR of CP7.0 project working on color prediction modeling which has close relation with light propagation modeling. I am in a research group working for mathematical and optical modeling and simulation.

So as you are interested we can discuss our ideas.

Best Regards,

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