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Three papers presented at IARIGAI conference 2013 in Swansea, UK

CP7 researchers Ludovic Gustafsson Coppel and Paula Žitinski Elías have recently returned from the Advances in Printing and Media Technology conference (IARIGAI) in Swansea, Wales. Paula presented a paper about multilevel halftoning. The second paper deals with spectral colour prediction of halftone prints using probabilistic models. The third paper shows the feasibility of spectral proofing (i.e. reproducing the appearance of spot colours in multiple illuminants) with a multi-channel printer and is a collaboration with CP7 researcher Radovan Slavuj and Steven Le Moan.

  • Dot gain analysis from probabilistic spectral modelling of colour halftone, by Coppel, L.G.
  • Next generation printing – Towards spectral proofing, by Coppel, L.G.; Le Moan, S.; Slavuj, R.; Elías, P.Ž. and Hardeberg, J.Y.
  • Multilevel halftoning applied to monochromatic inks in multi-channel printing, by Elías, P.Ž.; Gooran, S. and Nyström, D.



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