Applications in fine arts

Melissa OlenPartner: UWE, Bristol, UK

Fellow researcher: 

Melissa Olen 


Supervisor: Dr. Carinna Parraman

Work Summary

Melissa’s research has been into the development of multi-channel inkjet printing methods and techniques for fine art applications. This has been predominantly from the perspective of an arts practitioner in order to address avenues where current inkjet printing methods can be expanded and redeveloped in order to achieve a wider number of colours in the final printed output. One aspect of this work has addressed the major difficulties in reproducing accurate colour in darker areas of Old Master paintings. This aspect of my research was carried out through collaboration between the University of the West of England and the National Gallery, London. Current limitations in available inks and media restrict the print process in its ability to replicate a number of dark colours that are present in the original paintings. In order to overcome the problem of reproducing these colours, inkjet printing technology normally incorporates high proportions of black ink to darken the mixtures of lighter coloured inks. However, this high concentration of black ink tends to be perceptibly dominant, leading to smaller perceivable differences in printed dark colours. As a result, the subtle variations seen in the original painting tends to be lost. In addressing this shortcoming, this research incorporated my developed and refined methods for extending the obtainable range of dark colours using inkjet printing technology for the purpose of creating a more accurate colour reproduction.

Publication and Dissemination

  • Olen, M. and Parraman, C. (2013), Exploration of alternative print methodology for colour printing through the multi-layering of ink, in ‘AIC Colour 2013’, International Colour Association (AIC), NewCastle upon Tyne, UK, pp. 573 − 576.
  • Olen, M., Padfield, J. and Parraman, C. (2014), Reproducing the Old Masters: Applying colour mixing and painting methodologies to inkjet printing, SPIE Electronic Imaging, San Francisco, CA, USA.
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  • Olen, M., Geisow, A., Parraman, C. (2015), An evaluation of the transferability of Mun- sell’s colour notation methodology to modern inkjet printing technology, SPIE Electronic Imaging, San Francisco, CA, USA.
  • Baar, T., Olen, M., Parraman, C. and Ortiz Segovia, M. (2015), Woodblock printing as a means for 2.5D and 3D surface evaluation, AIC, Ochanomizu Solar City Conference Centre, Tokyo, Japan.
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